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Would you like to see the timed level theme back?

Magic_Mixer Posts: 253 Level 4

The old timed level theme (which was actually originally made for order levels) was removed from the game along with timed levels (link to the music:

Since it sounded so good and emotional, would you like it to be back? Currently, the same tune is used for Rainbow Rapids levels and Order levels, so it could play in one of the 2 to make them have their own theme. It was composed for order levels, but that I don't think it would fit as the theme played in the first level, so I think it should play in Rainbow Rapids levels, but you may not agree with me.

So, would you like to have this music back?

I'm not posting this as an idea, but as a poll, as I would like to know what others think.

Would you like to see the timed level theme back? 36 votes

Yes, I would like it to play in Rainbow Rapids Levels
betchiegrl29rareMagic_MixerLadyGaivman 4 votes
Yes, I would like it to play in Order Levels
GoldenswordzDemonKneeHigh 2 votes
I don't know, I don't mind if it gets changed or stays the same
MountainMomNenikapakiCats4CazGlenysBLoser_greddycandySabrinyckmyannthomas0104 9 votes
No, I'd like themes to stay as they are now
Peter_TornarosBeth_Mc_HughTzvi_Marcuaautz1bmkersey08La LeyHavishDieOmimiNikolaos_Prodromidisme6412carmenechevarriarebelchildPrincess_JessicaRyanthecrusherTess92GlitterFairy878pamandkirsten 17 votes
Other (please, comment)
Colleen12Glenn1972CassDAlienscar 4 votes


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