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☁️🙏 What is your Candy Zen Color? Find out and claim your personal badge!

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In Yeti's world of candies every single candy and its colour represents something unique.

Yeti also believes that the candy colours reflect six types of Candy Crush players.

Are you curious to find out which of the six colours is your Candy Zen Colour?

Find it out here below and claim your personal Candy Zen Colour badge!

Check which of the player personalities matches you the best:

You crush the hard levels because you never give up, even though you are close to losing your temper. Your love and stubbornness combined is your sweet success!

You are a passionate, temperamental and stubborn player.

Your Candy Zen Color is - Red


There's nothing you can't win. Your confidence and experience makes you the game expert. You're always one of the top players on every scoreboard in the game.

You are a confident, skillful and social player.

Your Candy Zen Color is - Orange


You are always two steps ahead in the game and always try to find the perfect strategy on every level. Even though you may fail, you take the learnings and turn them into a win the next time.

You are an organized, analytical and optimistic player.

Your Candy Zen Color is - Yellow


You may not complete the levels that fast, but since you are super focused and steady as a rock, it pays off with never wasting any lives or boosters in the game.

You are a focused, harmonic and balanced player.

Your Candy Zen Color is - Green


You think twice before making the next move to be sure that it's the absolute right move. You are too smart to crush any candies randomly.

You are a smart, calm and cautious player.

Your Candy Zen Color is - Blue


 You are a player that thinks outside the box. Always finding the best way to win all events and challenges, but you never forget to have fun as well when playing.

You are a wise, sentimental and creative player.

Your Candy Zen Color is - Purple

Did you find your personality? Or at least one that matched quite well?

Vote on your color and also comment why you chose that specific Candy Zen Color! Your personal Candy Zen Color badge will then be added to your profile.

Please note that it may take 1-2 days to get the badge and that you will need to both vote and comment on the thread.

You have until Monday 7 February 2022 05:00 EST/ 11:00 CET to claim your badge.

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☁️🙏 What is your Candy Zen Color? Find out and claim your personal badge! 120 votes

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