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💆‍♀️☁️ Mindful Journey - Meditative January events in Candy Crush Saga!

Crazy Cat Lad
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January will be a Mindful Journey in Candy Crush Saga.

Events and puzzles to maintain your focus, to stay sharp and be in a sweet balance this first month of 2022.

Keep an eye on the following events and dates in your game the four weeks starting on 10 January.

Saga Stories - Journey to Frosty Temple

Part One 11 - 13 January

Part Two 14 - 16 January

Follow the story where Yeti and Tiffi make a journey to the Chocolate Mountains to find the Frosty Temple. Play your regular levels and claim some sweet rewards when reaching the level marked with a mountain on your Saga map.

Saga Stories - Mindfulness Meanderings

20 - 24, 27 - 30 January & 3 -6 February

Follow Tiffi's journey to get a boost in life. Will Misty's marvelous meditation or Casey's bushy bonsai help? Play your regular levels and claim some sweet rewards when reaching the level marked with a candle on your Saga map.

Mindful Collection

Training for your brain to stay sweet and sharp.

Collect each item on your regular Saga levels the four different weeks. You will be rewarded when reaching the goal.

Week 1

10 - 16 January

Collect Purple Candies by crushing them on your levels.

Week 2

17 - 23 January

Collect Green Candies by crushing them on your levels.

Week 3

24 - 30 January

Complete levels and collect the Level Pins in the challenge.

Week 4

31 - 6 February

Collect the Stars from your level scores.

Temple Training

Compete against other mindful Candy Crush players in a weekly leaderboard to reach the golden chest.

Stay focused by playing your regular levels and collect the specific candies each week. If you reach the top in your league, the golden chest on the top of the mountain with all rewards will be yours.

You will also have an extra chance to win Gold Bars by playing the event here in the Community. Check out the Bonus Rounds HERE!

Week 1

12 - 16 January

Collect Orange Candies

Week 2

19 - 23 January

Collect Blue Candies

Week 3

26 - 30 January

Collect Purple Candies

Week 4

2 - 6 February

Collect Green Candies

Chocolate Climb

Climb up on the Chocolate Mountain with Tiffi and get a sweet surprise every time you level up.

Be careful though, if you choose the wrong rock, you can fall down on the mountain and lose all your collected rewards.

Do you dare to be cool as a cucumber like Tiffi when climbing?

More in Community!

We have more meditative and mindful events in the Community as well.

Sweet Happiness and Balance with Tiffi. Share your sweet story of Candy Happiness and balance. Part 4 HERE.

Temple Training - The Bonus rounds. Get an extra chance to win Gold Bars to your game HERE.

Yeti's Yoga Yumbo - Win Gold Bars HERE.

What is your Candy Zen Color? - Find out and claim your personal Candy Zen Color badge HERE.

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