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⭐️ 60 days playing Candy-share your thoughts and feelings!

Lola_PopLola_Pop Posts: 11,203 Community Manager
edited January 17 in Discussions

Hello Candy Crush Saga players!

Have you ever stopped to think about what one can achieve in 60 days? 🤔

Research shows that 60 days is the optimal time to achieve most goals; it’s enough to know if you like something and to commit to it, and it’s not too long, so you can reach your goals easily without losing your motivation.

👉️ So our question to you is: after playing for 2 months, how had Candy Crush Saga changed YOUR  life? 

⭐️ There are people who report that the relaxing feeling they get from playing calms their anxiety and turns their minds into something akin to a meditative state; did that happen to you? 

⭐️ Maybe it changed your dread commute into a moment of peace?

⭐️ Maybe you reconnected to an old friend through the game, or you made a new one?

👉️ In other words: Do YOU remember how you felt after 60 days of playing Candy Crush Saga?

⭐️How many levels had you mastered by then?

⭐️Which was the game mode you preferred? 

⭐️What did you think about the game? Were you in love with it already? 

⭐️What kept you playing the game?

⭐️What do you wish you knew then that you know now that could be helpful for new players?

We’d love to know! Just share your thoughts and feelings here below!

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