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🤸‍♂️💚 Sweet Happiness and balance with Tiffi - part 2

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,525 Community Manager
edited January 24 in Discussions

Playing Candy Crush Saga and being in your own candy bubble is for many of us a way to relax and disconnect from the rest of the world and all worries outside.

Mindfulness and meditation is our theme in Candy Crush Saga this January. So let's share our Candy Crush experiences and what the game means to us to keep our mind and soul both sweet and balanced.

This week, complete the following sentence by commenting it below:

I've played Candy Crush Saga for around ... years and the best thing with the game is...

We'll pick three players with sweet sentences and stories next Monday who will receive 24h Unlimited Lives to their game.

Make sure to comment before next Monday before Part 3 starts!

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You have until Monday 24 January 2022 05:00 EST/ 11:00 CET to comment and win the Unlimited Lives. You’ll find terms and conditions here.

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