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Saving Progress

Markgraf71Markgraf71 Posts: 1 Newbie

Can I save my progress once my Facebook account is deleted?


  • aijaziqbalaijaziqbal Posts: 8,884 Sweet Legend

    Hi and Welcome to the Community.

    You have 2 options.


    If you can login with facebook (still) then yes you can save in with King Account and merge them.


    But if you dont have any access to your account and cant login to facebook account then you can not recover your progress. In this case you can recover it manually with the help of our support staff. To do that please create a new login and start a new game then send an email to our player support from this new ID and tell them your old progress level so they can recover it.

    Contact our player support here.


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  • LindarkLindark Posts: 3,327 Legend

    If you want to retrieve your progress, I would see if you could temporarily restore your FB account to check if your progress is still saved.

  • MirnaMiMirnaMi Posts: 4 Newbie

    I cleaned my browsing data and all my levels were deleted and I had to start from the begining. Why???

  • lakierelakiere Posts: 797 Level 3

    Hi @MirnaMi always save your progressive before clean or see above for more information or check "Help Center " on the right side column. Hope this helps you. Thanks

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