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🐨👧🐈️ Help us to create a new character to our May Season in Candy Crush Saga!

Crazy Cat Lad
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Now it’s time to introduce a new character to the Candy Crush family, and we want you to inspire us!

Yeti, Tiffi, Odus, Mr Toffee, Olivia, Licorise and the Bubblegum troll. They are only a few of all the lovely characters in Candy Crush Saga. Even though our Candy family already is big, it’s time for a new sweet addition!

The new character, that will be introduced as part of the May Season, is still a question mark on the sketch table.

So we need your divine ideas!

The first step is to decide what the character could look like.

Any animal or pet that you want to see in the game? Or a yummy monster or fantasy creature that could make Candy Crush Saga even sweeter?

Also, what do you want the new character to be made of? It can be any candy, pastry, ice cream, soft drink etc. As long as it’s sweet and delicious!

We already have the Bubblegum Troll, Jelly Queen, Licorice Cat, Donut Dog for example. What’s the next sweet addition in the family?

There’s no right or wrong! Let your sweet imagination run wild. Describe your own Candy Crush character that you would like to see in the game!

No images or sketches are necessary. Describe the new character from your imagination in your own words.

On Monday 21 February we’ll gather all ideas and suggestions. The creation of the new Candy Crush family member will then start.

We will make five character sketches based on your suggestions.

From these five you will be able to vote which one is your favorite! The poll with the five sketches will open at the end of February. Stay tuned here in Community so you won’t miss your chance to vote.

The coming May Season will introduce the new character. The whole season will also be inspired by the character and your ideas!

The best of all!

If your character gets chosen and voted as the new Candy family member, there will be a special reward.

Our Candy Art Team will not only draw the new character. They will also make a Candy Crush portrait of you together with your new Candy friend.

The portrait and a sweet bonus is waiting for you!

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Register HERE in just 2 seconds to be able to post your idea and participate.

You have until Monday 21 February 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to post your idea of a new character.

Please be aware that by submitting your ideas you agree to assign any rights, title and interest in the submission to, and where assignment is not possible you agree to waive any rights, title or interest to the submission. You may be required to sign a legal document for your submission to be included among the finalists.

By entering this competition you also consent that King has the right to mix and match different community suggestions as they see fit. The prize of a portrait of the community member who suggested a design may be awarded to multiple entrants if mix and match suggestions are used. Further Terms & Conditions can be found here.



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