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🥂 What's coming to Candy Crush Saga in March?

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,123 Community Manager
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The 7 March it's time to kick off a new sweet season after four weeks of Ice Cream Games.

Here's a small preview above of what will come to the game.

Olivia, Tiffi and Yeti all dressed up and ready for.... What?

Can you guess what the next season in Candy Crush Saga will be called?

Vote and comment what you think the next season is called!

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🥂 What's coming to Candy Crush Saga in March? 64 votes

Donut Disco
Peter_TornarosScooterpieHell66tross299mangobug17HazelbellFencesRyanthecrusherarmcandycaHege_Is 10 votes
Bonbon Banquet
Nat09Rohabmkersey08La LeyratnakargawandeJamesHarden1968Sugarsweets 7 votes
Gummy Gala
Tzvi_MarcuAndres-2Carol-38Yorben_GoereeKerriepeggyvereensiti_payungMountainMomSwetlife4evaShilviya18tkbm7872rebelchildPrincess_Jessicamichele00COSMagnoliaveggiepoodlegreddycandyMoh1977DanielProGamerDaniTheOG 38 votes
Marshmallow Masquerade
MiladyRjurgita1982MunsterIffu2GlenysBjen43[Deleted User]Terri_1Kidsrule 9 votes


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