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  • Crazy Cat Lad
    Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,124 Community Manager

    @Nix66 Agree! A Crème Brûlée as a finish at the dinner, nothing can go wrong!

  • ndaoz
    ndaoz Posts: 882 Level 4

    Turkish cuisine is very rich. Each region there are different dishes. As for every guest who comes home, tables are prepared as if they are giving a banquet. Visuals are not an exaggeration, there are even shortcomings on the table. 😁😁

    One of my favorite dishes is casserole here is the recipe

    Ingredients of the Cubed Meat Casserole Recipe with Vegetables

    500 grams of cubed meat

    2 onions

    2 potatoes

    2 aubergines

    yesil 4 green peppers

    3 tomatoes

    4-5 cloves of garlic

    1 tablespoon of tomato paste

    5 tablespoons of vegetable oil


    Chili pepper

    Black pepper

    How to Make a Vegetable Cubed Meat Casserole Recipe

    Take the meat that you chopped into cubed in a frying pan, cook it until it releases its juice and tues, and add the liquid oil to it and fry it.After roasting enough; add the onions, peppers and garlic that you have chopped for cooking and fry.After peeling the tomatoes, chop them, in the same way, chop the potatoes and eggplant into cubes, then add them to the meat that we roasted along with the peppers.After adding the spices, add a cup of hot water and cook for about 3-5 minutes.After mixing well, place them in small casserole dishes.Crush the tomato paste in hot water, pour it over the vegetables until it comes out.Cover the casseroles with aluminum foil, place them on a baking sheet and bake at 160 degrees, bake for about half an hour.By checking whether it is cooked from the edge, you can extend the time depending on the situation.

  • Colleen12
    Colleen12 Posts: 547 Level 4

    My treat would be dessert, always dessert. Another one of my favourites Strawberries with Coconut Tea Biscuits😋

  • Princess_Jessica
    Princess_Jessica Posts: 5,605 Jelly Moderator

    Wow so many good foods and recipes. Thanks everyone for sharing. I love learning how to make new delicious new foods. I have seen a few I am going to try.

    Here is my recipe for my pasta salad

    It's simple just cook your pasta then add all of your vegetables and pepperoni then spread your cheese over it cover with vinaigrette dressing toss to mix

  • Tzvi_Marcu
    Tzvi_Marcu Posts: 2,474 Level 5

    If I will host a Gala dinner I would want to save the best for last with a cherry cake dessert

  • bekicrusher
    bekicrusher Posts: 1,454 Level 5

    If you would host a gala dinner party, what would you treat your guests with?

    I would treat them with a 3 course menu, starting with a creamy mushroom soup, sea food pasta as a main course and finishing it up with a slice of lemon macha cake and coffee. I'd probably add a light salad and some wine as well 🤔

    What is the most delicious dish you can think of to have at a dinner party?

    The most delicious dish I can think of is a really well made paella 🤤

  • Diamond_Lim
    Diamond_Lim Posts: 117,174 Diamond Diaries Moderator

    Wow! I see so many players have answered and shared the most delicious dishes on dinner party! It's making me more hungry and mouthwatering! ❤️🤤

    Anyway, thank you for your answering on this thread! 😄

    I also put delicious sweet desserts and fresh fruits on dinner party! Haha! 🍉🍎🍇🍨🍫🍰🥤

  • theredrabbit
    theredrabbit Posts: 277 Level 3

    first of all I would treat my guests with respect, kindness and fraternity, the delicious meal would be a delicious turkey accompanied by a delicious salad and a good portion of red fruit dessert and why not also a glass of wine

  • maf34100
    maf34100 Posts: 42,860 Level 5

    minced meat and eggplants are the basic ingredients for a great mousaka

  • BobaKitty_BW3fan
    BobaKitty_BW3fan Posts: 254 Level 3

    Okay… My dad is a pro at Candy Cush and is the woman’s month— I want to give my mom her some gold bars instead! I will join😉

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