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🛡️5️⃣ Fantastic 5 missing / not showing up?

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,978 Community Manager
edited March 15 in Support

The Fantastic 5 is an extra challenge and bonus game in Candy Crush Saga.

The Fantastic 5 like all bonus games and events are never permanent features in the game.

This means, that these extras can be unavailable for some time on some platforms or devices, some regions or for some players.

Connection issues may also cause that a specific feature do not show up.

Please make sure to have the app updated and then restart the game and all extra features should show up, if they are available in your game and device at that moment.

If Fantastic 5 or any other feature is still missing, the game still features many other challenges and bonuses that you can enjoy.



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