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Feedback on levels 11 691 - 11 735!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,863 Community Manager
edited April 27 in Discussions

We want your feedback on the levels  11 691 - 11 735!

New sweet levels are released every week in Candy Crush Saga and the Levels Designers want your feedback to make the game even sweeter.

On this thread you have the chance to give all your feedback on levels 11 691 - 11 735 directly to the people behind the levels!

We want to know how you feel about the following things!

Did you have to use your brain extra hard to figure out any levels? Any extra hard candies to crush?

Which level was your least favorite? Which level was a bit of bitter sweet?

3 What was your absolute favorite level? Which level would you like to play one more time?

Comment all feedback to the Team about the new levels on this page!

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  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,642 Level 5
  • LindarkLindark Posts: 4,110 Legend

    I am ready for this week’s levels!!!

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 454 Level 3
    edited April 27

    Level 11691 was... Not that fun, I'll say that. Really generic and once again starts off with the crisscross.

  • GoldenswordzGoldenswordz Posts: 454 Level 3

    Many decided to take a break, sadly. But I think this the right time to give out a review of some of the other levels.

    11692: Another painfully average or mediocre level. The wrappers contain double striped candies, so nothing interesting. The wrapper is not a interesting nor fun element

    11693: A decent rainbow rapids level, mainly because it doesn't use a million different blockers.

    11694: Average level. Nothing much to say other than it didn't need jelly jars really.

    11695: Bad level. It throws another crisscross pattern at the beginning. Once you open up the chests, the board is filled with 5 layered toffee. Just, no...

    11696: It's not that terrible. But I wasn't all that interested with it either. The blocker orders are painfully overused. Please use them less. Heck, use special candy orders more. Maybe even combination orders, which may be controversial but at least there would be MORE variety.

    11697: Samantha was used only to open a key and maybe as an extra boost if you still have toffee remaining at 1 move left. Nothing interesting really.

    11698: Just spam a bunch of toffee on a rainbow rapids level. Oh, and you're also forced to collect it to! Amazing level design! (That's sarcastic of course. This level was garbage.)

    11699: A pretty cool Samantha level that was pretty easy as well. Not the best we've seen, but it was decent.

    11700: Possibly a controversial take, but I think this level is pretty good. The licorice curls and sugar coats are oddly not a threat here, and although 480 candies does sound threatening. The cascades are large, and it's easy to complete. Another good candy order level, and nice level for it to fall on. Please make more of these.

    11701: Wasn't personally a fan of the toffee spam, but it was ok overall. That doesn't mean levels like these should still be made often though, some really bad levels come out of it

    11702: This is actually a pretty easy level. Although a lot of licorice spawns often, the ingredients spawn often and aren't tough to bring down. Decent level

    11703: Really generic level, it's also a rainbow rapids level too so quality is rare with this level type?

    11704: An ok level, but I don't think that jelly jars needed to be on this level, once again

    11705: Unique Samantha level. I think the only time board designs like this should be used is if Samantha is present, however that sadly isn't the case. Overall pretty good level, and I'm glad this was the episode finale over something like 11698.

    Those are my thoughts on first episode of this weekly batch.

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,642 Level 5

    I have only played the 1st two levels. I did not like either one of them. Oh well! Think I will give it a rest till tomorrow.


  • LindarkLindark Posts: 4,110 Legend
  • Peter_TornarosPeter_Tornaros Posts: 1,292 Level 4

    Just finished this week's levels. All in all not bad with a bit of a mixture. I had my F5 timed boosters and the timed boosters from the Music Box guy with the top hat. Usual Rainbow Rapids boredom, but at least there was only a couple of Sour Skulls levels. Also a bit of color for a change. I enjoyed the levels with colored candies as the orders.

    Episode Race was there at the start, then disappeared. I thought I would be smart and start a day late and collect the bonus points for the weekly event - no weekly event ???

  • ScooterpieScooterpie Posts: 4,642 Level 5

    Just checked the Microsoft Store and a download for Candy Crush Saga is available. I had to check for updates first to get it to show up.

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