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🕑️🕟️🕗️ When do you play Candy Crush? Let us know and win 24h Unlimited Lives!

Crazy Cat LadCrazy Cat Lad Posts: 13,790 Community Manager
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When is it Candy time for you?

At what time during the day do you play Candy Crush?

Vote and comment on when you usually play Candy Crush!

On the 1st June we'll pick five players among all who voted and commented.

Those five players will get 24h Unlimited Lives to their games, so you can play non stop more than on your 'usual' time of the day.

You have until Wednesday 1 June 2022 03:00 EST/ 09:00 CET to comment and vote to win the Unlimited Lives. You’ll find terms and conditions here.

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🕑️🕟️🕗️ When do you play Candy Crush? Let us know and win 24h Unlimited Lives! 201 votes

In the morning
Lina_Biziert9anefNat09jonell70darjbmkersey08AmberRaeLeoroesignsMorae02babsblakeDaniTheOGElviramartinez_61DarDarWRox7383MyLittleGrandmazaibali789roxyannesusancandycrushkathariyaaklizzyfsh 21 votes
During my lunch time
wykoongordan10 2 votes
In the afternoon
SabrinaMHell66eyevanDieOmimiroughing22lelenspLadyGaivmanTess92Nico4991ShagunproReptilianjubnovaisulamzaahaokipsuvosipiimastacykitty_katSamCarpenterNamNotTifiValeriaHale 19 votes
In the evening
Crazy Cat LadYorben_GoereebearwithmeBassin12jenniemaeMiladyRteresawallace44MollyScarmenechevarriapenkenwolfmavikajoRubyBlue1011gisalyshametime55KCullen127RyanthecrusherErika0811AmoonmoonJelly_bean_hearts 33 votes
All night long...
Beth_Mc_HughvolfanjMarianapla27MzweezyweeMiloMia14_08_superflyy_k1leonardo2705kimsmitgytderRatsRavinYounis_Ali121bredav92redvelvet5killfrenzykjuneoPikachuRoybubbuOSH43phoenix731hinetainiteshbhutada91 21 votes
All the time, night and day, 24/7!!
Margaret-17dananelleKerriecriscountEnergizerBunnyebbie09jeanpsaautz1FaRayhaRohahottest43samm_kmlQamarwshEOTheGr8Courtney1990MountainMomlilladyMoniqueBroadnaxayaushMaryLuyo2020 105 votes


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