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  • noblex
    noblex Posts: 2 Newbie

    Adding my voice to the dismay of the change in lines.

  • twmrlucky
    twmrlucky Posts: 13 Level 2

    Why does King want to discriminate against the poor and middle class folks that has spent money in the past and help build the game up with our Facebook contacts over the past ten years then cheat us out of our free lives? When we are on a winning streak and get thirty minutes to an hour boost and we can not continue playing because of the twenty free lives a day is robbing us out of our playing time because we are in fixed incomes and can not afford to buy lives! This sin't fair or right to us and you company should be ashamed of yourselves for doing your dedicated players like this that can not afford it! This is TOTAL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST US!

  • ht2112
    ht2112 Posts: 6 Level 2

    I'm over level 8200 and limiting my lives to 20 a day will make me quit..not worth levels i am playing u can need way more than 20 lives to pass one level..what a joke!! Change it back or lose many faithful players!!

  • seplox
    seplox Posts: 46 Level 2

    I sent a complaint to the support team regarding this limit ... Their response is below ... My response follows.


     Hi Jeff, Thank you for contacting King Player Support


    I really appreciate your message, and your insightful feedback will help us to make the best game possible and I'm sorry that you dislike these changes to the lives system.


    While I'm sad to hear that you're not having the best experience with Candy Crush Saga, please rest assured that I'll share your thoughts with the team and we'll take it on board.


    We really appreciate feedback, and we use it to ensure all of our players have a top gaming experience. We can’t guarantee we will act on your feedback, however, we don’t know what can happen in the future.


    I hope that you'll continue to play the game, and enjoy all of the fresh content and features that we'll add as the game continues to grow, Jeff.


    I hope this helped to clarify your concerns! You'll be receiving a brief survey about my service meant to evaluate the assistance I gave you today. Please take a moment to share how you felt, the rating will be from 1 to 5, 5 being that I provided the best possible experience. Your opinion truly matters to me, this lets me make sure I continue giving the very best service!


    Your response is a well written non-answer. I do hope you all are reviewing the message boards. I find the response from your customer base to be alarming. I believe you're all going to experience a major decrease in revenue should you not act quickly to reverse this change.

    It appears to many that this is an attempt to increase revenue by unfairly forcing players to purchase additional lives once they are blocked from accessing their own. This will frustrate everyone and is a major mistake. You are biting the hand that feeds you. People will leave.

    You must fix this now!

  • Mswill2u2
    Mswill2u2 Posts: 13 Pro Player 👑

    I'm very frustrated with the new rules for lives. I'm also about ready to give CCS up. I feel like I'm logging in daily for little or no opertunity to enjoy the game.

  • Randy_Pritchard
    Randy_Pritchard Posts: 9 Pro Player 👑
    edited September 2022

    To whom ever stopped the amount of lives you can use to keep playing in your friends envelope needs to put it back the way it was. Your friends give you lives to keep playing period. That’s the whole idea of asking for lives. You shouldn’t be getting a message stating that you have used your allotted game play from friends until tomorrow crap. If this is a way to make money from people who play all the time it’s bull. I shouldn’t have to ask friends for lives and not be able to use them because you want me to spend money to keep playing. It never was like this until recently. Must be the greedy money hungry people who took over Facebook!!! Sorry friends I can’t send you lives neither.

  • hotgirrl
    hotgirrl Posts: 1 Newbie
    edited September 2022

    Like everyone else I am seriously pissed off by Kings latest scam move. I'm on level 8410, been playing for ages, and stupidly buying gold bars at the same time. Now you bring in this!!! I'm getting ready to delete the whole thing, and make sure everyone knows why.

    Put it back the way it was.

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