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  • apswhy
    apswhy Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited September 18

    For the past 5 hours I have not gotten any lives from the game I have so many friends and so many lives and it's just gone please help this is so unfair

  • claudiamontini
    claudiamontini Posts: 2 Newbie

    I have hundreds friends but I’m non receiving lives any more. Is there some new rule about receiving lives?

  • HF1
    HF1 Posts: 15 Level 2

    You know, King, this isn't the money-spinner you think it is. People aren't going to buy lives - they're now not able to play difficult levels to the point where they can buy 50 extra turns, so they just play less.

  • greyhound7982
    greyhound7982 Posts: 23 Level 2
    edited September 18

    I request lives from my entire friends list after every life I lose. I have not received any lives in the last 3-4 days. My daughter said she sends them and I don’t receive them. Friends I ask are playing and moving up levels and used to send lives regularly. Are you blocking requests sent for lives? Stop manipulating the game and disrespecting your players.

  • Lizbeth_2
    Lizbeth_2 Posts: 23 Level 2

    Almost all of the lives disappear overnight, first from my desktop, then from my laptop. Now on my iPad where I would always have 200 lives when I logged on, now that number is decreasing daily. Last night it was 130, tonight it will probably be 115. I have spent a lot of money on this game, I'm embarrassed to say, but have now been stuck on level 14179 for about 2 weeks and refuse to spend another penny until I can pass this level. They have made the levels so difficult so you need to pay to continue. Nope, not doing it.

  • greyhound7982
    greyhound7982 Posts: 23 Level 2
    edited September 19
  • teenybee
    teenybee Posts: 108 Level 2

    Could we have some explanation please as to why it has suddenly become so difficult to get lives? If the lives from friends system has changed, at least say so.

    Friends who have always sent lives when requested no longer do, and I have no idea if they are getting my requests, or the lives I send to them.

    At this rate I will soon be out of stored lives and that will probably be the final straw for me. King, you won’t get another penny out of me - and you’ve had plenty.

  • nanadawn
    nanadawn Posts: 6 Level 2

    What I don't understand is that everyday I send lives to those who request them. I am not receiving any lives back. I use the 5 lives that are waiting for me each day and that is it end of play. It states on column 2, as has been said by other players, that I have 2/200 (two of 200 allowed lives) and the 3rd column states that I have 20/20 (twwenty lives out of twenty that I am allowed to play that day). Up until a few days ago I was receiving lives fine, I understood that after playing 5 times I go back to the broken heart and gives lives that have been requested and that I can take 5 more lives that I have been sent, column 2 will then change by 5 lives, i.e. if I had 150/200 it would go down by 5 to 145/200. The 3rd column would also change by 5 if it read 20/20 I am still allowed to use lives, the minutes I take lives I'm allowed (5) that figure will then go to 15/20 and so on until it goes to 0/20 meaning I can play no more that day until the number is reset at midnight. Yes I believe I fully understand that so why am I not receiving any lives. I used to have plenty of lives waiting for me but now I have none, so sorry I have 2 waiting for me, ever since the other day maybe about a week ago, can't remember exactly which day, I have only received 2 even though before I had almost 200 where have all of the lives I had gone? I am not going to pay for lives why should I when I give out 50+ lives a day surely I should still get a life back for every life I give. I pay for gold bars to enable me to carry on when I've run out of moves I can make, I'm not going to keep paying for things I have bills to pay for and food too. Why are people not able to send me lives anymore seeing as I send them lives?

  • christinewupp
    christinewupp Posts: 3,715 Level 5

    @QueenB sorry to be interfering here, but could there be a problem with the algorithms that underpin the sending and receiving of lives? I read SO MANY complaints about this these past two weeks, it cannot just be players not sending out lives or having dropped out of playing. There must be a reason that King could sort out or at least someone should look into this. These complaints are too numerous now, this needs to be looked at please.

  • Adav
    Adav Posts: 652 Level 3

    @QueenB , @Crazy Cat Lad seems like there is a King problem here. I've noticed my 200 lives go down and not filling up in a 24 hour period...... Obviously it is not a player problem, so can someone please report this and report back to us?

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