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🚫 What happened to the extra moves when you click on give up? (fixed)



  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 13,358 Legend

    That's not how adverts work miller. Advertisers don't get paid each time an advert is watched they make money from trying to get you to buy what they are selling. Advertisers pay King so that they can place adverts in their product. 270 million people, or least a small proportion of that is a lot of people to have watching your adverts. Potentially that means more people watch Candy Crush adverts than TV adverts.

    Watch an advert or don't watch an advert it makes no difference as it is the huge the number of people that play Candy Crush that attracts the advertisers.

  • exiugirl
    exiugirl Posts: 38 Level 2

    I’m not sure what they are testing but I have run out of patience. I am on level 12136 and have spent lots of money in the last ten years But now it’s impossible- for me - to pass some of these levels without more than five extra moves At least being offered up to 35 extra moves for ten bars made a purchase worthwhile But now that option is gone and so am I What a ridiculous thing to do to loyal customers of ten years

    good luck to the rest of you!

  • Lemmons
    Lemmons Posts: 3 Newbie

    This “test” is ridiculous! Explain how this is good for players or King? Players get unbelievably frustrated and King doesn’t make money from the gold bar purchases. This was one hell of a “congratulations “ on reaching my 10,000th board.

  • NotEnoughMoves
    NotEnoughMoves Posts: 14 Level 2

    Can the test be over yet please?

  • Pyrolight
    Pyrolight Posts: 590 Level 3

    It is for the whales, to get more gold out of them. The thing is, I think they could get the same result, profit, buy being a little less brutal about it.

  • Kaokaorun
    Kaokaorun Posts: 15 Level 2

    The way that King is doing is very stupid. If they give us extra moves up to 35, we will buy it with 10 gold bars and we buy gold bars now and then when we get a chance for instance when the piggy bank get full. But now nobody buy gold bars because we can't have a chance to use 35 moves and we can't full the piggy bank either. " 10 gold bars for 5 moves" is ridiculous ! So surely King will make less money. Poor, stupid King!

  • Pyrolight
    Pyrolight Posts: 590 Level 3

    I can see the issue with basically endless lives from friends and 10 for 35 moves.

    Again they handled is poorly by changing BOTH at the same time.

    2 for 5 (25 max)

    3 for 5 (15 max)

    2 for 4 (20 max)

    with increments of 5, 5, 4 respectively. Once at the max do the normal 15, 25, 80000 gold increases or whatever they are.

    They would still get a lot from the whales, less than now, but a ton more from players, might offset and keep people happy.

    Ideally you do not want to totally annoy the free players as with them whales go in the long run.

  • olyamt
    olyamt Posts: 235 Level 3
    edited August 2022

    So we are a week into this 'new and exciting update' 🙄 I had 1600+ gold bars, all earned not bought, from episode racing challenges and Royalty. I'm way on top in 12,000. Now I have 700 gold bars, so lost half already, can barely advance and I refuse to spend (or I should say lose) more. Can't contribute to my Fav5 team, lost my winning streak with Episode race where I could win 40 gold bars each time. Not to mention I have ZERO possibilities to earn boosters since I have never had any ads in my game. The levels are next to impossible without extra moves. And 5 moves won't help, you do need those 30 moves to pass the most. The answers I get to my complaints to King are a total *. Being fed up is an understatement! Thank you taking all joy out of the game and make it a source of frustration and anxiety.

    *Edited by CM:🤨 Hold on a bit! Please remember to be sweet and kind - Our House Rules 

  • 5021Evergreen
    5021Evergreen Posts: 307 Level 3

    Seriously, the reason all these levels are so difficult, because players get frustrated and buy boosters. Is it worth it just to move on to the next nightmare then purchase again! Wake up people, it's a money making scam!

  • purak
    purak Posts: 31 Level 2

    It’s impossible to pass difficult level without having extra moves .

    If King thinks that we are going to pay just for five extra movements they are wrong

    I use to pay sometimes when I m really tired and stuck in one level …but for 5 moves? I m not going to pay at all!

    this is the WORST CHANGED you ever done to candy

    you are really forcing players to give up with the game after many years .

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