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💰️❓️ How do you feel about playing the Pot of Gold?

Crazy Cat Lad
Crazy Cat Lad Posts: 14,123 Community Manager
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How do you feel about the Pot of Gold?

This new golden event in Candy Crush Saga!

Divine? Sweet? Maybe not that sweet? What's your thoughts?

The Final of Pot of Gold is starting Friday 26 August! Let us know what you think about event!

Is it fun and challenging?

Do you understand how the challenge works?

Is it too easy, too hard or does it have the right balance between fun and challenge?

Vote and comment so we can make all future events even sweeter!

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💰️❓️ How do you feel about playing the Pot of Gold? 141 votes

Divine! I love it!
Crazy Cat Ladcakefairy56Beth_Mc_HughJeffMakesGamesPummyRajScooterpieCarol-38SabrinaMYorben_GoereeKerrieandrealolaiFakhriBassin12krisewardTombRiderMiladyRRache79hpwehrCandycrush26MountainMom 104 votes
Sweet! It is fun, but too challenging for me.
AbantkailakristinaningpinkeleeannLoser_LadyGaivmanGagariousAliwaseeminnomurazvuUlla74oyinsquare1234susmitabhowDasZubiiSarity7jenkhangwgwvambiejKandykrushh 18 votes
Sour! This is not my type of event because... (please let us know why)
Tzvi_Marcudemon803berly25stevethomas3838AmyBarrett89GoldenswordzTerri_1bettyjo3YedaMariazTitqnickc8vm2DWoodsfatmhabdalmlkmreinhardplNoshyGerilacmelindah719sharpestsworddevonplace 19 votes


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