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We want your feedback on the levels 12 546 - 12 590!



  • Micke101
    Micke101 Posts: 30 Level 2


    Can you explain to me how to pass level 12580 with only 20 moves? the one on youtube has 30 moves and a completely different start line up with only greens i only get half greens. it is different in different regions of the world. Getting tired of the game way too hard levels. Anyone have suggestions?

  • LensCandies1
    LensCandies1 Posts: 23 Level 2

    Easy,just have to pay bars,only way to pass most of the levels now,Sucks I know,and they limit how many of your own lives you can use,and then top it all off,they took away the 5 team group .GREEDY

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 117 Level 3

    Same for me and I lost my 192 wins episode streak plus got bumped out of the top 3 spot for the candy cup event. This level is just beating me up big time 😫. Not happy with the changes made within the past month 😔

  • Iluvgames
    Iluvgames Posts: 117 Level 3
    edited September 2022

    Level 12496 is making me INSANE 😳🙄. How the hell did “anyone” get past this level??? Infuriating!!! 😡😡😡

  • Carol-38
    Carol-38 Posts: 10,636 Level 5

    Just started 2nd episode, just as bad as the 1st. It's now the 4th episode without the episode race. @QueenB is this really the way it's going to continue hard level after hard, no strategy and no fun.

    Good job we haven't got a swear box at home, I'd have to rob a bank.

  • Imrich
    Imrich Posts: 58 Level 2

    Level 12559 is impossible to pass ! we have 25 moves and more blockers + more order. Previous version on YouTube has 35 moves + less order + less blockers . I used extra 35 movement + 25 boosters without success. I can't believe how hard is it this level. Please King send me 10 gold bars I try to pass without gold bars not chance to play and pass.

  • Imrich
    Imrich Posts: 58 Level 2



    Yup, too much unplayable levels lately. Unlimited starters were completely wasted. This is more than nightmarishly hard, more like suicidally hard cause you can’t do anything. And 20 moves? 20 means suicidal! Gotta be the controversial number in the history. Waiting for a fix is pointless since they do this same BS every week! BTW, one video proves 4 party boosters used and SOMEHOW more than 20 moves were used shows King has no life! CC will reach its demise real soon and might well as abandon.



    Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you call bad game design. With 35 moves, luck and skill plays the role. With 20 moves and 5 layered blocks everywhere + 3 extra row of barriers, it's completely UNPLAYABLE and this is the norm these days.


    Montserrat Ortega

    Only 20 moves! Just unfeasible. Not even with booster starters and free 3 moves and ufo when runnnd out. Again will need to spend gold bars. Not fair! Posting for a lucky board!

  • dopje
    dopje Posts: 877 Level 2

    Not normal anymore everything is focused on gold bars without it you are always stuck for days. Give everyone a chance.

  • moresweetie
    moresweetie Posts: 12 Level 2

    12559 is impossible, even with boosters. Using the many hammers I’ve saved won’t come near to being able to pass it. Unless it’s fixed, I’ll be uninstalling the game I’ve played for years.

  • Lmpy
    Lmpy Posts: 56 Level 2

    Stuck on 12547. A ridiculous number of levels, and at the start, a tiny board with too many colours. I have played more than 100 times now and haven't ever got close. Sometimes the game ends with more than a hundred blockers left. Crazy, unplayable without gold. And guess who has none? All the people that had a pause in the fast race so lost the ability to earn. Plus being stuck on a previous nightmarishly hard level and losing the chance to complete a chocolate box. What a game! Can't live without it, but can't stand it much longer

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