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🍮 Help Yeti for a chance to win Gold Bars! (Finished)

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Hello Crushers! 💕

Can you help Yeti?

Tiffi and Yeti are having a picnic. Yeti has a sweet tooth, so Tiffi promises him that, if he can solve her riddles, she’ll give him some of her desserts too.

Below you will find the three riddles to solve:

“I have four legs, a back, but no head.”

”I’m tall when I’m young and I’m short when I’m old.”

“You change me every month, no matter how much you use me.”

Please use the spoiler to write your answers so other players can figure out the answers too.

📋️ Rules

Each player will only be able to post their answer once.

🏆 Rewards

Five players who get the correct answers will be randomly selected and awarded 20 Gold Bars in their Candy Crush Saga game.

🗓️ Dates

You will be able to participate in the Competition until September 23th 2022 09:00 CET and you can find the Terms & Conditions here.



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