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Candy Royale questions and tips

Doondie Posts: 344 Level 3

Hello, boys,


I've read the event description above and done the competition multiple times, so I know what it is about in general terms. However, I still have a couple of questions.

Before that, I'd like to point out the 2 major differences - grand reward is now 500 gold bars (which is still almost nothing when shared with 20+ other people) and cooldown is over 3 days (~86 hours).

Now, here are my questions:

1. Why don't we get the reward in 24 hours or after last participant is done, whatever comes first?

2. Does it matter whether I do those 7 levels as quickly as possible or should I take my time?

3. Does it matter when you start/join the competition?

I find it very suspicious that I can start the competition whenever I please, as long as it's off cooldown, and there are always 99 other people on standby waiting to join. 🤔

Another thing is the immediate reward distribution. Like, how on Earth could everyone else be done by the time I'm done, especially when I start right away? I'm beginning to think there is no competition whatsoever but a bunch of bots "playing" with me and an algorithm deciding how many of them "succeed".

How many of these 21 other people were real and/or really took part in this competition, and their avatars weren't just borrowed for illustration purposes only?

4. Could anyone else except @aleks779 who managed to genuinely get the grand prize share when they joined the competition - at the start of an episode, middle or end?

Thanks in advance and happy crushin'! 😇


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