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🌴🌞 Summer Nostalgia Season
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🏳️‍🌈 Celebrate Pride with Candy for a chance to win Gold Bars!

🏆 Winter Cup - Like the sound of a year's supply of Gold Bars?

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That's what 2,023 players will win in the Winter Cup!

100 Gold Bars for each winner, every month, all through 2023! How Sweet is that 😃

Have you got what it takes to reach the final and the ultimate Gold Bar prize?

So how does it work?

Collect blue snowflake candies by playing levels to enter the tournament. The tournament will have multiple stages and start with the Qualifiers, so make sure you do your best and collect as many blue snowflake candies as possible to be part of the competition!

Reach the top position in each round to get to the Final!

When does it start?

The Qualifier Round starts on the 26th of December and will end on the 29th of December to enter, and you need to collect blue snowflake candies.

*You can claim your rewards on the 30th of December!

The Quarter Final starts on the 30th of December and will end on the 2nd of January.

*You can claim your rewards on the 3rd of January!

The Semi-Final! Wow, we're almost there! The Semi-Final starts on the 3rd of January and will end on the 5th of January.

*You can claim your rewards on the 6th of January!

The Final! The moment we've all been waiting for!

Who will become the first ever Winter Cup Champion? 

The Finals take place on the 6th of January and end on the 9th of January, so make sure you have all the time you need to crush those candies and take home the grand prize, 100 Gold Bars every month for the whole year of 2023 🎁🎉

*The winners will receive a confirmation popup, and rewards will be added to their game before the end of January! Other prizes will get paid out before the 12th of January!

Everyone deserves a chance to have fun! If you didn't make it to the final, you could still earn some sweet rewards! The consolation round starts on the 6th of January and will end on the 9th of January!


Due to some issues, the consultation round has been postponed and will start tomorrow, the 9th until the 12th of January!

*You can claim your rewards on the 13th of January!

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Winter Cup Terms & Conditions HERE!

Note! I don't have the event! Find more info HERE!



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