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✨FINISHED - Good Things Come in 3s!!! A chance for a Badge and/or Gold Bars ✨

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Tiffi hopes all of you have been enjoying the Music Tour Season, especially the performances of the Jonas Brothers! The three brothers gave her an idea for a contest – lucky 3s!!! As the sayings go: Good things come in threes and the third time is the charm!

Players need to play/replay a level that ends in 3 starting with level 33 and then get a score with a triple number (zeros do not count).

Any player who manages to get a score with 3 of the same numbers (for example - 104434), and they do not have to be next to each other, will be eligible to win 20 gold bars (5 players will be selected once the contest ends).

However, any player who does manage to get a score with three of the same numbers together (ex: 205551) and no triple zeros, will get this special Lucky 3’s badge:

Remember: You have to play a level that ends in 3 starting with level 33.

In addition – the first player to post a screenshot with three 3’s together on a level ending in at least two 3s (in other words 33, 133, 1033 or 11033 etc.) will win 50 gold bars in their Candy Crush Saga game. (The screenshot below would have been a winner if it had been on level 11033):

You have two weeks in order to complete this challenge and the contest ends at 1600 European Daylight Time (EDT) on 2 June 2023.

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