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👻🦇 Candy Crush Saga - Spooky Season Events



  • QueenB
    QueenB Posts: 13,658 Community Manager

    We have some news on the Puzzle Run event!

    As you know, we had issues getting you all access to Part 2 and as some of you have noticed, the event is back part 1, and the final, part 2 will take place this Friday the 3rd Nov.

    This means we have another chance to complete the Puzzle 😃

    If you had qualified the first time Puzzle Ran started but did not get to play part 2, you won't have access to part 2 unless you played the event which is live now.

  • snakegore999
    snakegore999 Posts: 503 Level 3
    edited November 2023

    The monstrosity that Denize transformed into this past Halloween has a more proper name - the Sour-Pent - and I've been able to construct a more complete (and albeit somewhat more violent - but with nothing graphic) story about the horror she unleashed. It has been submitted to the Candy Crush Spooky Stories Contest under the title Night of the Sour-Pent. Read it if you dare!

    The contest closes tomorrow, with 10 UFOs at stake, so you might want to think up of a story fast if you want Allen's squadron to come and help you conquer more sourly difficult levels!

  • teeweiping
    teeweiping Posts: 7,267 Level 5

    Puzzle run part 2, you need to pass a total of 28 new levels to get the rewards.

  • snakegore999
    snakegore999 Posts: 503 Level 3

    After some technical issues, it is of my pleasure to report that EVERYONE who entered the Spooky Story contest is a winner and have been granted a squadron of Allen's UFOs to help them take on the tougher levels! Way to go!!! For those of you who didn't write one, it's too bad that you missed out on a nice prize...

  • rebelchild
    rebelchild Posts: 15,795 Level 5

    I can't really say which event is my favorite, but I'm not liking the new candy box. I liked to be able to look over all of the categoric selections and then decide which one I'd choose to earn. But I do appreciate any boosters I can get

  • chicki23
    chicki23 Posts: 10 Level 2

    Hi there SApple2 enjoy the game n good luck everyone

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