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👻🦇 Candy Crush Saga - Spooky Season Events

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Meet the Jellynauts, a royal army of mutant mini-mes! Created in huge vats of modified jelly, these pint-sized terrors are Jelly Queen’s new agents of mischief. 

When they’re finally let loose one spooky autumn night, they swarm into Candy Town to terrorize the townsfolk and scare off any pretenders to the throne.

It’s up to Tiffi and her friends to escape the monsters’ sticky clutches and uncover Jelly Queen’s plot. Can they shut down her lab in time to stop the chaos? 

New Event!

Puzzle Run - Part 1

Collect candy puzzle pieces to complete quests. Each quest gives a piece of the mystery puzzle. Complete the puzzle for entry to part 2!


Date: 16 - 22 Oct

Puzzle Run - Part 2


Pass levels in order to reach Yeti on the map in time.

Date: 23 - 29 Oct

UPDATE - 25 Oct

Unfortunately there was an issue with some players not being to take part in the Puzzle Part 2 even after qualifying an the team is aware of this. We apologies for the inconvenience caused and we're waiting on what the next steps should be...


Gem Hunt Collection - Qualifier

Date: 23 - 26 Oct

Collect rare reskin candies - green candy with diamond on it. Once completed, receive a ticket to the final.

How to Play!

Final (Leaderboard)

Date: 27 - 29 Oct

Compete against others to collect the most green candies with diamonds. Finish top and win the best rewards.

👻 New events - Spooky Tour (events on the saga map)

Dates: 23 Oct - 25 Oct

How to Play!

More in the Community...

👻 Poll - What was your favorite Spooky Season Event?

Comment below letting us know which of the events did you enjoy the most and if there was any challenges along the way that we need to be aware of.

And of course we have a badge... a spooky one 👻🦇



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