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Poll - Seeing other players on your game board

QueenB Posts: 12,879 Community Manager
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Hello πŸ˜ƒ

We're interested in hearing your thoughts on seeing other players (strangers) on your Saga map.

This is a new test that we are currently conducting and we would love to hear what you think.

Please select the option that best represents your feelings and we will make sure to pass this on to the team behind this feature!

Thank you!

Poll - Seeing other players on your game board 180 votes

Love it! I enjoy the sense of community and friendly competition
Dama_BakerWerner_CichySabrinaMmintmin2Nafizsamm_kmlchrispaviellMswill2u2Chipadeesepidehhcrissuperanncruzer99penkenPrincess_Jessicastevethomas3838nguyenanhduy1591999lelenspgamepowerpapytchulaPalash_Sarma 48 votes
Like it! It's nice to know there are others playing too
cookiemaeAndres-2Jennifer_BluhmBecky_KarabatoskarllfIlkaSpinnifixNamTruong2001minnajpeggyvereenAdavpenny8162carmenechevarriareallycrushingitFran334greddycandytanii19Elviramartinez_61KyshA72Hereonlytoplay 38 votes
Indifferent! I don't have strong feelings about seeing other players. It neither enhances nor detracts from my enjoyment of the game
HilzzDerycklincowolyamtKingsDaughter14Mom44Matwes4SheppsCandyCrushCustodiansjnycBrandyGirl2008al_tBlueberrykiwigirlplayer2candied 15 votes
Dislike it! I find it distracting and would prefer a more focused gameplay experience without the presence of other players on my map
MarilynJPeter_TornarosLynnie_HendersonZee-2ScooterpieCarol-38Lil'_Mommaquad5Annieb33MonicaYellowlghMollySCandyCrushSueLDBrCassDAlienscartr6465FoxyBrown60countah1hynsobb 52 votes
Neutral! I don't mind it. I'm just here to play the game and don't pay much attention to other players on the map
Lady_ChooVicky777Tzvi_MarcuColleen12aautz1MiladyRMountainMomNikolaos_Prodromidisadidas11zs1982Racoon7Nico_GpetelistonteeweipingsteventsengSApple2Toune_PGbilbo1453craigo78FroggieTBHarvey5 20 votes
Mixed feelings! I have both positive and negative experiences with seeing other players. It depends on the situation and my mood
KerrieAmberRaeLeoGeriHardTechno23Jls1993Peaches12DroyouchiCandycrushQH 7 votes


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