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🪪 Player Card - What is it and why is it empty?

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Your very own player card! Now, not only can you access your own card, but you'll also get a glimpse into other players' profiles.

The Player Card isn't just about displaying basic details like names, levels, and pictures. It's about forging stronger connections by understanding each other's game engagement.

As a player, you'll now have the chance to see how others interact with the game, making it easier to find like-minded friends.

If you come across a player card with no available info, don't worry! This is expected during the initial rollout of the feature.

Stay tuned for the full implementation and enjoy this exciting addition to the game!

How does it work!

  • Each player card includes details such as the player's name, current level, levels won in a week, picture, and the option to send/ask for lives.
  • You can only access another player's card if they also have this feature. Otherwise, you'll see a message indicating that the player hasn't yet set up their card.
  • Accessing your own card is simple – just head to the profile section of the game.
  • To explore another player's card, click on a friend's avatar on the map or in the leaderboard.

Get ready to dive into this new feature and discover more about your fellow players in Candy Crush Saga 🤩

PS! Not everyone has access to this feature but it will soon be rolled out to all players 😉



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