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⭐️Month 2 🌟Quest 2🌟 - Play Two Hard Level ⭐️( Finished )

kiara_wael Posts: 151,810 Candy Moderator
edited April 22 in Contests

Hello , Candy Crushers !

This is the second quest in the competition.  

The quest this week is to play any Two Hard level and complete it

How to participate? 

Play any 2 different hard level over 100.

You can play your current level or replay an old level, just remember to post the screenshot of the “level completed” message where you see the score and stars.

Post a screenshot of the level score on this page here to participate. 

⭐️What can I win?

  1. 5 lucky (random) players will receive 30 GB in their Candy Crush Games.
  2. In addition 3 lucky players will be selected to win a 3 lollipops hammer each from the players who manage to win all the levels/screenshots they post!
  3. Players will not be able to win both gold bars and a booster.

The contest will end at 11:00 am EDT/16:00 CET on 19th April 2024 Contest Terms & Conditions!

Good luck!⭐️



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