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⭐️Month 3🔥Quest 1🔥 - Play one Legendary Level ( Finished )

kiara_wael Posts: 151,821 Candy Moderator
edited May 8 in Contests

Hello , Candy Crushers !

It is time for the 1st quest in our Third monthly series. The quest this week is to play One Legendary level and complete it🔥

How to participate? 

Play One ( 1 ) Legendary level over 50.🔥

You can play your current level or replay an old level, just remember to post the screenshot of the “level completed” message where you see the score and stars.

Post a screenshot of the level score on this page here to participate. 

🔥What can I win?

  1. 5 lucky (random) players will receive 30 GB in their Candy Crush Games.
  2. In addition 3 lucky players will be selected to win a 3 lollipops hammer each from the players who manage to win all the levels/screenshots they post!
  3. Players will not be able to win both gold bars and a booster.

👉🔥Special Badge for successfully completing all 4 quests for Month 3:

At the end of all 4 quests for Month 3 - any player who completes all 4 quests will be awarded this special badge:

The contest will end at 11:00 am EDT/16:00 CET on 08th May 2024 Contest Terms & Conditions!

Good luck!🔥🔥🔥



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