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(FINISHED) WIN GOLD BARS - The power of 3

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As you already know, @KimElston and I have daily conversations including out of the ordinary conversations. Our last conversation was about the number 3. Kim have you noticed how many times the number 3 is used and how things happen in 3s? For instance, whenever I hear of two recent deaths I always think that a third death is on the way and within a 24 hour period I hear about the third death. Kim asked me "have you noticed how many times the number 3 is used and if things happen in 2, we always say there must be a 3rd." Come to think of it they are both right that 3 must be a significant number, in stories and real life.

I can think of 3 stories off the top of my head using the number 3. The 3 little pigs, Goldilocks and the three bears and Three kittens lost their mittens.

Let's stick with 3, can you name 3 stories where the number 3 is included or 3 life experiences that came in 3s?.

5 players will be randomly chosen to win 20 gold bars 💰 for your Saga game.

You have until Friday the 20h of November 13:00 CET

Game terms and conditions can be found here.




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