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    Hello and welcome to the community. There are a lot of blockers and licorice shell on this board. You need to clear all the blockers to expand the board as quickly as possible. Color bomb + striped candy combinations are ideal for the early clearance of blockers. Wrapped candies (alone or in combinations) also very useful up front. As the game progresses, you will probably be left with the multitudinous licorice shell on the sides to deal with. At this juncture, the color bomb + color bomb combination comes into its own. Sometimes you can get repeats of those, as there is so much licorice shell on the sides. After that, use your remaining moves to simply clear the jellies with matches, cascades, or more special candies. Hope this helps, you can also get help from the video below.

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  • materialGirl31materialGirl31 Posts: 146 Level 2

    I passed it thank you so much for your help video tutorial really helped alot

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