New feature that makes chocolate bombs.

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It is all about chocolate bombs. You see, when we are in a order level of chocolate bombs we can't get enough of them and lose the level. So we could make a feature that transforms any candy into a chocolate bomb.

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    Before we mark players, it is better if your idea is presented in more detail. I really don't know what you mean !! You have 24 hours to process it.

    Otherwise it will be closed.


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    Hello @LilyEvans - I hope you have been having fun here in our wonderful community! It's an interesting idea but transforming any candy into a chocolate bomb would make the level too easy and there would be no challenge for the players. In addition, there is already the checkmark booster that when matched will turn into one of the required orders. This is a more flexible option because it will turn into any one of the orders you still need to collect. So if color bombs are the hardest to get, then make sure to collect the other orders so any remaining checkmarks will become color bombs.

    Usually in order levels - if you play strategically - you can get enough orders that are needed. Sometimes there are already enough orders (like licorice or chocolate) already on the board - but you have to check to make sure (for example don't destroy the chocolate if there isn't enough initially). As far as chocolate bombs are concerned - usually there are a few on the board and you just need to play carefully so you can be sure to make the additional ones that are required. Clearing the board of blockers and creating cascades also helps in these types of situations.

    So I don't think the studio will consider this idea and will close it now.

    Thank you for the idea and keep thinking of new ways to improve the game.

    Thank you. 😊

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