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I think would be cool off could play an opponent on side by side screen win so many in a row for boosters. Like do a split screen of an opponent of your choice to see if they will play against you for a competition, if no opponent then maybe play against the computer(maybe like tiff) on a split screen. And then maybe win five games in a row against someone or computer (maybe like Tiff)for boosters. The more you win in a row the more boosters you get.

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    Hello and welcome

    Could you be more specific, please? Because then more votes could come. You have 24 hours to edit your contribution on the black gear.

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    @Spinnifix Remember the boss levels in Jelly Saga? I think this user's idea is to add these level types that involve playing with AI in Candy Crush Saga.

    Or the arena, where the player can play against other players.


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    One player had already suggested a live game varinate, if that is it. Only, the player has to describe in more detail what it is about. So nobody can do anything with it and it is then closed. I'm so sorry.

    @Crazy Cat Lad

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    Not enough votes. Closing.

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