Candy Free Minutes - Deduct minutes whilst game is in use

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When we win ‘free’ time on certain candy after completing Levels or Bonuses etc, the clock starts counting down immediately. By the time we collect others offers and get to play the game, minutes have already passed. we win free time, then have to go out and are unable to utilise this free time

free time should ‘pause’ while game is not in use

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  • Hey! Would you like to give us your opinion?

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    Hello and welcome

    Are you talking about the timed boosters? They won't stop. When you start then you run to the end. It has been discussed and rejected very often!


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    Hello @KakAttack and a very warm welcome to our friendly community! As mentioned above- this has been suggested many times before and the studio doesn’t plan to change the timed boosters at this time.

    We welcome new ideas to improve the game, but please make sure to check both the master list of current ideas and the archived list of ideas that are not being considered before posting your idea.

    Since you have discovered the community I hope you will stay and explore all the fun things there are to do like starting or joining discussions, entering contests and getting tips and help for your game.

    I am now closing this idea. Thank you. 😊

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