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🍫 Chocolate Box - Server error!



  • LindarkLindark Posts: 4,069 Legend

    Lots of people have been having problems with the Chocolate Box. Hopefully it is fixed soon :(

  • RyanthecrusherRyanthecrusher Posts: 522 Level 4
    edited November 2021

    Has anyone also noticed that lucky candies are somewhat hard to collect? They don't even put it in the treat machine. What a shame!

    It also looks like king loves giving me coconut wheels and striped wrapped....

    The game didn't give me a lot of colourbombs they just came from the chocolate box! Not happening anymore.

  • AppsvAppsv Posts: 59 Level 2

    @Alienscar u are a star !! The way you address the comments is commendable . Loved it !!

    Coming back to this chocolate box issue , almost 12-14 mails I can see everyday about the comments on this community regarding issue in chocolate box . Now my point is it has been more than a fortnight since this issue had occurred . I would urge the players to stop wasting their time to make these king ppl understand . They are most unthankful ppl ever . I think they don’t und that it’s the players who get the ball rolling . I am literally fed up raising issues and complaining to king all the time about one issue or other . I am on level 10,520 so for me this chocolate box is a waste anu which ways … you can’t use your party boosters or your UFO for stupid time based booster . No doubt earlier it was okay in between it was good when one used to get one UFO and 20 hod bars , but again they fucked it up .

    Even at levels , they are always having issue some or other , their testing team is good for nothing and they are creating shit every day . Period

  • Von_3Von_3 Posts: 496 Level 3

    I only ever get coconut wheel and fish. A waste of time as it is very rare that either of these can be used.

  • AppsvAppsv Posts: 59 Level 2

    Can someone please confirm me that these discussions forum are Actually started by king team to make grievances heard or it’s just some third party platform ??

    coming back to game , every week this game is becoming cumbersome, boring , ridiculous and shit . What you are saying is the ultimate truth .

    hammer , free switch , UFO , popper these are the only booster which actually help in all the levels irrespective of their difficulty level etc , and you did not get them in daily treat . The events which they run are worst ever .

    Gold rush - you need to clear 50 levels to get 3 gold bars , ridiculous beyond imagination .

    Team event where you need to pass 50 level combined and what you get in return is 1 hour color bomb , 1 hour striped combo , 1 hour coconut wheel .

    When you finish the game , you get a race where you need to play difficult level and top 29 get reward after week and what reward you get 1 color bomb, 1 hammer to max as you reach top you need to play the game day and night as scores are really high .

    another event where you need to collect certain color candy but that again is ridiculous as only new levels earn you candy *10 helping you to reach at top else all waste only .

    weekly race where if you are at last of game you will only be able to win 45 levels and what you get in reward 1 hammer , 1 switch , 1 color bomb .

    I don’t understand who come up with this bizarre idea to make these timed based boosters at first place , now even the contests which they make are boring and repetitive , the process all is same just name is changed without any big help .

    i am playing CC last 9 years and only contest I find useful till date was sugar drop challenge , then deluxe chocolate box ( 20 bars and 1 UFO means lot ) , and even the string game where each level passed used to give extra booster is reduced to shit now , you are at 5 , you lost a round and then wowww you lost all the progress .

    I can write a book over the fact that how king developers planned a strategy to loot players because they have to buy gold bars and can’t clear level without boosters . They closed almost everything which can earn you needed and useful boosters .

    one more thing I want to mention here , when you raise a complaint to king , they have a standard reply that we constantly work on game for improving . Events are only for some time etc but the real meaning behind this is we are constantly working to make it impossible to win the game without buying stuff or using the gold bars .

    one more thing they started where if you win one level they give you some booster at board and after some time they stopped that too . Also even if you are at winning streak 5 , and lost you will come at 1 . I don’t know how to react ? Whether I should laugh about it or cry but this game is a deadly obsession and makers will do nothing about it . It’s me who has to control my obsession .

  • AppsvAppsv Posts: 59 Level 2

    No wonder there is always some or other problem with the levels . My take is what is the rush to launch 45 levels every week , why can’t be it Just one episode every week but tried tested nice and error free . If every time players need to do the brainstorming and find out problems , why developers exist ..

  • salim2206salim2206 Posts: 12 Level 2

    I was collecting as many boosters from chocolate box which helps in clearing the stages in candy crush. But now i don't have boosters which makes me stop playing candy crush. Kindly sort the issue.

  • kiara_waelkiara_wael Posts: 92,482 Candy Moderator

    Hi and Welcome to the King Community

    Yes , I missing too. At the moment there are some server related issues with the chocolate box and work is underway to resolve the issue. and Investigated. A post on this topic already exists in our community and your post will be attached to that post so I'm closing this post for now.

    You will find the complete information in the link Here

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