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💌 Lives inbox - How does it work? New Update!



  • Alienscar
    Alienscar Posts: 12,398 Legend

    You aren't alone in thinking this way @ang19792022 but unfortunately duplicate ideas aren't allowed and as you can see there are several ideas below yours with life/lives in their title.

    Another problem with your idea is that any/all ideas related to lives have been banned by the Master List of Ideas.

    Here is the Master List


    Please note that many ideas get duplicated several times, therefore, below please find a list of topics that need not be addressed since these topics have been archived (will not be implemented)

    Fantastic Five (any discussion on this event), Fish, Go to level (vote HERE for original idea), Levels (anything to do with lives or asking for level changes is not an idea/post it in the Discussion area), Lives (all, including asking for shorter time or more lives), Moves, Free Boosters/Gold Bars, or Rewards for being at the top (the studio is always hosting events and adding different ways for players to get free boosters and gold bars), Sharing (lives or boosters with friends), Timed boosters (they are on a clock so once the clock starts ticking it runs until time runs out), Wheel (the wheel was updated not too long ago).

    Please do not create new ideas on any of these listed above. Please feel free to check out Tiffi's Idea Library for additional archived ideas. Thank you.


  • Huldas
    Huldas Posts: 30 Level 2
  • TinaBrown57
    TinaBrown57 Posts: 99 Level 2

    I used my 20 allowed lives between 6am and 6.30am. I don't understand why some people are allowed up to 40 a day and im not its a joke. I refuse to spend any money on this game anymore until it goes back to how it was. I have hundred and odd lives but not allowed to use them so what's the point. I've stopped sending lives now as it's all just pointless, the whole game and fun has gone for me and I have been looking for other things to do now. King is very greedy and upset so many players so people are leaving the game daily now, what a loss for king as a lot of those players use to spend money on it.

    Big mistake King you have wrecked a perfect game for greed.

  • jbotbyl
    jbotbyl Posts: 5 Level 2
    edited April 2023

    I hope this gets to the correct department.. .your new rules on how many lives we can get a day and play is awful.. WHY did you do it? 20 lives we can accept? First you gave us the option to add people not from just our facebooks. Now you're limiting how many times we play.. It doesnt make any sense at all! Do you want to lose customers cause im not gonna play your game anymore and im sure lots more just like me too! All your new rule is doing is making us faithful players quit.. i have had enough!

  • foxy
    foxy Posts: 80 Pro Player 👑

    My limit is 15 lives per day.why is there a difference for some people

  • JHFreshwater
    JHFreshwater Posts: 6 Level 2

    When I asked, this is the response I got. If you have a limit, you cannot use what you have and make people to not play.

    Hi James, Thanks for contacting King Player Support!


    I fully understand that you may not appreciate the change made to how lives work in the game and, in particular, the daily and maximum caps that have been introduced. It would be a pleasure for me to share some more information on this matter. 😊


    This was done to encourage players to use the lives feature the way it's meant to be used, which is exchanging lives with other players on a daily basis rather than accumulating them since when many lives are hoarded, there's also a risk of losing them (being that they're saved on the device's memory, just like Boosters).


    When we introduce something new, we always thoroughly test it to find the best setup. As such, you may also see different versions of the new mailbox. We are closely monitoring the impact of this change, so it's also possible that the feature will be tweaked again in the future.


    Unfortunately, we cannot adjust this for you right now, but having feedback such as yours available enables our developers to make adjustments and changes to our game in future updates, which will hopefully introduce new features as well as potential improvements that will match your tastes.


    I hope that you'll continue to play the game, and enjoy all of the fresh content and features that we'll add as the game continues to grow. If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. 😃


    Your opinion matters to me! Once your issue is resolved, you should receive a quick survey. I'd like to kindly ask you to please take a moment to share your experience with me, rating it from 1 to 5! Any additional comments can be left soon after my personal review. If you are still experiencing issues, please reply directly to this e-mail and we'll be glad to further assist you. Your opinion and cheers will fuel our Candy Factory! 🍭


    Have a sweet day, James!

    Kind regards,


    King Player Support

  • me6412
    me6412 Posts: 9,512 Pro Player 👑
    edited August 2022

    @Crazy Cat Lad I thought this might help everyone a little more to these questions here......

    Maybe this will help you understand what King Games has decided to do regarding free lives and sharing them among your friends in your game hope this helps you out my Community I myself had the same questions.....

  • ewee
    ewee Posts: 39 Level 2

    I don't think they are honest about the reason. Players recieve and sent lives all the time. The Joy of playing is gone with the restriction of the limit they give you. And People won't sent lives anymore because they think its nit if use because you can only use that what your limit alles you to. So i think they Just want players to spent money...

  • BklynCwgrl2022
    BklynCwgrl2022 Posts: 64 Level 2

    That response makes no sense to me. One of the perks of playing a lot was all the lives you get...which allows you to play almost unlimited games. I played all the time...and gave lives to everyone who asked. Being able to play all the time increased my addiction. Now I'm forced to take long breaks thereby curing my addiction. I'm finding other games to play. How does that help King or the players???

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