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( Finished )💕🍬Candy Crush Saga - Very Special Valentine’s Day Event 🍬💕

kiara_wael Posts: 136,857 Candy Moderator
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💕Hello Candy Crusher ! 💕

This is one of seven games that are part of a community wide contest event. You have a chance to win 20 gold bars from each contest! Once you have entered all seven contests, go to the Community Hub HERE for a chance to win 50 Gold Bars in the game of your choice!

Below you will see a crossword puzzle with clues to each of the words.You need to solve the puzzle .

Questions Across

2 -Snake blocker

4 - Where Odus the Owl Lived

5 - Where Mr. Toffee works

8 - She is a black cat

9 - Father of Tiffi


1 - Reveals two special candies

3 - Alien Booster

5 - Yeti's favorite treat __

6 - Tiffi's sister

7 - A dragon

Make sure you note the word you think is associated with Valentine’s Day. Because to enter the contest in the Hub, you will need to write down from all 7 contests the game and the word you think best represents Valentine’s Day.

Post your answer below.

Don’t forget to enter the Contest in the Community Hub. All participants will get this Very Special Valentine’s Day badge! by @bearwithme .

The competition runs until 17th February 2023, 16:00 CET (Central European Time) . Terms and Conditions here

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💃🕺Happy Valentine's Day 💃🕺



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