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🍬Ten Million Club and Grab your Badge ! 🍬 ( Finished )

kiara_wael Posts: 120,564 Candy Moderator
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Hello,🍬Candy Crusher! 🍬

We have designed a new group of Candy Crush Saga Players from around the world. Its a Ten million score Club. Do you like to grab the membership Pass, lets Do it.........

All you need to do is post a screenshot of your ending score showing a score of Ten Million! You can replay an old level or your current level. Like this 👇For instruction on how to take a screenshot please visit here

You will get this gorgeous badge, designed by our Game Mod @bearwithme

🧑‍⚖️ Rules

  • Play any Level above 50 in the game
  • Achieve a Score over 10 Million points or more (10 000 000).
  • Screenshot must be Clear , Unedited and Newly played ( No Old Screenshots please).
  • 🎁The first 5 posts will get 20 Gold Bars each, so don't miss it.
Note- Do not edit or remove anything in your screenshot (avatar, level number or score) you may add your username if you want to your screenshot as long as it does not cover your avatar, level number or score. Any cheating or manipulation of screenshots will be an automatic disqualification of this contest.

You will be able to participate here until 21st April 2023 ( 11.00 CEST ) Terms and Conditions here.
🍬Download and Play Candy Crush Saga here now!
🍬Good luck, everyone, and happy crushing🍬


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