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( Finished )✅Guess the Moves and Win Gold Bars !

kiara_wael Posts: 146,682 Candy Moderator
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🍬Hello Candy Crushers 🍬

Time for a new Candy Crush Saga Community Contest. Can you guess how many moves I completed on level 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣0️⃣?

I played level 1000 and the level have 37 moves requires Collect all olders to completed. I got two stars on the level and I dont use booster. Can you guess How many moves I did end up with on the level when it finished ? 

🍬 Rules!
  1. How many moves do I take to complete the level, The guesses range from 3 to 37 moves.
  2. Only two entry to guess accepted for every participant.
  3. If a player guesses the same move, the first to post will be chosen.

4.Please post your answer in the spoiler so other players get a chance to figure the answer on their own.

🎁 Prizes!

5 winners who are close to the correct answer will get 1st 35 > 2nd 30 > 3rd 25 > 4th 20 > 5th 15 Gold Bars in Candy Crush Game.


You will be able to participate here until 02nd February11:00 CEST )  Terms and Conditions here.

🍬Good Luck🍬

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