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🎉Episode Race Winners - Get your badges HERE!🎖️

bearwithme Posts: 16,165 Candy Moderator

First we had the CCS milestone level badges:

Level 1000 Level 2000 Level 3000 Level 4000 Level 5000 Level 6000  Level 7000 Level 8000 Level 9000 Level 10 000 Level 11 000 Level 12 000  Level 13 000 Level 14 000 Level 15 000 Level 16 000

Then we had CCS Levels in a week Badges: Weekly Race

Now we have the Episode Race Badges - 25, 50, 75, 100, 150, 200

Can you keep your Episode Race winning streak going and win these badges?

All you need to do is post a screenshot of your Episode Race Champions Cup (if you have won 25 episode races in a row - you will be in the Champions Race) with your avatar showing & how many Episode Races you have won in a row (it doesn't matter how many gold bars you are awarded), and you will be given the badges that you have earned.

Please see the example below:

Please Note: Only a screenshot of the Champions Race Cup (showing your avatar and win streak number) will qualify for you to receive any of the badges.

Looking forward to seeing those screenshots of all the Episode Race Champions out there!

Good Luck and Happy Crushing!

Contest Terms & Conditions!

Note: There is no end to this contest - however the 200 badge is the highest that will be offered.



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