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What do you think of having a search box added to your game map?

ElsaElsa Posts: 24,472 Superstar
Are any of you having the same problem as me?  Currently I am at the top of the game and if I want to play some good sugar drop levels (e.g. level 1476 or 666) it takes me a very long time to scroll all the way down to those levels.  If I am playing on Windows 10, I use my mouse to scroll down but when I play the game on my iPhone the level numbers are small and difficult to read so I keep scrolling and looking ..... am I there it? .....  No! .....  I have to keep scrolling.  I think I've scrolled a few hundred only to find out that I just went down maybe 150 levels.  If we could have a search box added to the map and we could type in the level number and click on search I would get there immediately without all that scrolling and looking at the levels.  So who out there is having the same scrolling problem as me?  Would you like to see a search box added to the game?  If so, please comment below and you can also mention what levels that you are currently scrolling to.


I am truly loving the level up so maybe they can combine the two somehow.  I think we really do need the search box.  Please comment below.

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Best Answers

  • Liz_BaileyLiz_Bailey Posts: 18 Level 2
    Accepted Answer
    Yes!  Yes!  Yes!
    im tired of all the scrolling to get back through thousands of levels to play for candy drops. 
    Please give us a SEARCH BOX!!
    Accepted Answer


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