Level changed on Candy Crush? Different number of moves or seeing the same level twice?



  • PikchikPikchik Posts: 1
    Level 772.  12 MOVES!?!?!?!?!?! Seriously?
    I cannot express my frustration and irritation enough.  I understand trying to make the level more challenging but 30 moves to 12 seems extreme.  Maybe if I was spending $ on endless boosters, NO! not even then.  I withdraw myself from the game for now.  I will check back in a few weeks to see if this level has been revised.  I waste enough time on this game without spending days playing the same level over and over.  Absolutely NO FUN!!!   Games= fun
  • JenniferMcAJenniferMcA Posts: 0
    Why have you changed my level 1955. I have been in 2nd place in this level for a long time and have been trying for a 1st place score and now the level is all different. I'm not happy.
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,586 Legend
    Welcome @JenniferMcA to our sweet and amazing community! The reason the level may look different than what it did in the past is probably because King sometimes may make modifications to their levels over time if they find it too easy, too hard, etc. I hope this helps to answer your question! 

  • EliasConEliasCon Posts: 9
    I really don't know but may everyone find love on this lovely Valentine's Day.  This Prince remains single!  He is unmarried!  He is a lone!  Can we post two posts at the same time?
  • cgmamaeli89cgmamaeli89 Posts: 1
    Level 1332 has only 12 moves I'm seeing other games with more than that is this a glitch or can this be fixed
  • racerwiferacerwife Posts: 10
    This level is completely impossible to solve in only 12 moves! 
  • Joseph45Joseph45 Posts: 1,586 Legend
    edited February 15
    Welcome to our sweet and amazing community @racerwife! Sometimes, King may modify a level over time if they feel the level is too easy or too hard. However, these levels are never made to be impossible. Could you possibly provide a screenshot of the level? Thank you! 

  • christianemcchristianemc Posts: 1
    edited February 15
    Same for me! Level 1332 with only 12 moves. Fix it Please!!

  • racerwiferacerwife Posts: 10
    Here’s the screen shot
  • racerwiferacerwife Posts: 10
    I guess it’s not coming through...
  • sheperdshutsheperdshut Posts: 1
    Help! No way this can be solved 
  • AliBAliB Posts: 0
    edited February 16
    I am trying to do level 3311 Candy Crush Saga.  All YouTube videos for this level are of a completely different challenge.  We now need to get 200 yellow candies in 20 moves on a small playing field with falling licorice.  I have tried to do this level 50+ times and the closest I have got is 180/200 and that included mostly luck and no skill.  Why change the level at all especially now as you can only pass it when King decides to make it your lucky day.  Boosters cannot help on this level.  Skill is not required.  This challenge is ridiculous and there are no tips or posts to follow.  Poor form King!!
  • reremamorereremamore Posts: 3
    This is unbelievable only 12 moves!! Even with boosters it will take longer than I'm willing to play. Guess I'm done with this game. Your loss since I spend about $10 a week.
  • CandyCrush33CandyCrush33 Posts: 13 ✭✭
    Elsa - I hope I did not confuse everyone. I was talking about how one level is different for each person.  For example, I used to use 511 as a great Sugar Drop level.   My husband had only 16 moves and I had over 30.  I noticed it because i was helping him achieve his daily Sugar Drops.
    We had completely different moves amounts for months until mine was also updated to match his. Now I had to change my routine.  I have had to change my routine every 5-6 months.  
    Hope that make better sense.  
  • JuniperJuniper Posts: 23 ✭✭
    To add to this, I’m also not playing for sugar drops. I replay levels for the boosters (helmets/stocking/robot parts, etc.) you earn by passing more than one level in a row. I play on iPhone and level 2634 has changed completely.
    Yes, that’s a level I played all the time for that.  Changed for me too.  
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