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no events, no quests , no power ups

Shivani_KyalShivani_Kyal Posts: 10 Level 2
Hello Candy Crush

i think i am the only 1 whose not receiving any new "candy quests" "power ups" "beanstalk candy climb" etc. all my fellow people have been enjoying this from quite sometime. i kept patience as i received the message from king community that these quests gets launched on trial basis for a set a few people. its been more than a month and i still havent received where as i see EVERYONE enjoying the new quests. i have been playing candy crush from day 1 and i am the only one not to enjoy the game. why this biased play. ??  in between i got the bow candies in between the plat where you get green , pink and blue bow candies.. but that too was for sometime. i am quite disappointed as my patience is being tested. i bought a new ipad just to play candy crush and collected all the boosters just by playing sugar drops but that the only thing i get to play. even i want to have  the latest game as everyone else. please help. i have tried to do everything like rebooting, re installing, updating cancy crush, updating my ipad but no help. i love candy crush and dont want to stop playing as i am loosing interest as i see new players enjoying the new quests and me being the oldest player have nothing to enjoy. pleas help.




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