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Help on level 136

leamasleamas Posts: 1 New Bee
Please help on level 136. I have cleared everything. But the chocolate is not checking off. I've been on this level 2 weeks!!!

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  • papagirlpapagirl Posts: 1 New Bee
    Help on level 1068 plz !!
  • heehawrulesheehawrules Posts: 38 Level 2
    I understand your frustrations with some of the levels being unpassable. You will have people coming on here giving you pointers. But really the game boils down to luck and boosters on most levels.

    They are changing the game to a pay to play model, the further you get into the game, the harder and more impassable the levels get unless you use multiple boosters. I am in the level 4500 range so I have been around. Many players in this range are deleting the app because King has changed the rules, making it even more difficult to pass levels. I won't tell you what those changes are because I find that once you to a certain level, King slowly takes away freebies.

    I would strongly recommend thinking about a different game if you have no interest in spending money to buy boosters or gold bars. 
  • trevestreamtrevestream Posts: 3 New Bee
    Ohhh bummer. I didn’t mind watching videos. 
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