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Timed Boosters - Recent changes to the game

bearwithmebearwithme Posts: 9,303 Superstar
People are mentioning that they now are seeing timed boosters on the daily wheel spin and some are seeing a combination of timed and non-timed booster in the daily calendar.  It's obvious that King is trying out different ways to make some of the boosters timed and I wanted people to have a place to talk about the timed booster in general.  I still want to encourage people to discuss the timed boosters some people are receiving for sugar drops in Timed Sugar Drops Thread -  https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-saga/discussion/258546/timed-sugar-drops#latest, But the vote to get rid of timed boosters can be expanded to include the recent changes and apply to all timed boosters and I encourage a discussion in general about timed boosters here.

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