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rosabella86rosabella86 Posts: 2
Hi! is It possibile reset the request of Life from one player in my inbox? got nearly 100 request from a player that never gives Life to others but send all days to many request. It is no a metter of game, it looks more like a stalking


  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 6,400 Legend
    I think he plays a lot, if someone accepts live, he sends too. Of course there may also be a technical problem with these players. It's a click, send to everyone. Please do it.

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  • Werner_CichyWerner_Cichy Posts: 6,400 Legend
    edited July 22

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  • rosabella86rosabella86 Posts: 2
    thanks @Werner_Cichy for help.
    It's very useful know that other people have the same problem.
    It seems that we have no solutions on the app. The only way It would be delete him from my fb friends, but I'd be sorry to go that far.
    My point it's not about share lives and help each other, it's about overdo.
    At the beginning, I've always sent lives to this player. But, i'm a daily player too, and when my lives end I've never had one life from him. Asking without giving, is not a fair playing.
    Sorry for my outburst. At the end you are right.
    I can just get rid of his requests with a click and give him lives he asks. Maybe i have to start sending him a lot of requests too, even if it's not my style.

    thanks again!
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