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No longer able to exit an unstarted board without losing lives - Information and feedback



  • MataiceAlisonMataiceAlison Posts: 313 Level 4

    Turn off Auto-update 

    Once again the King giveth the King TAKETH AWAY

    Yay. Another nail is hammered....

    This does not protect you from across-the-board changes to the game like the Sugar Drop cap. It can help you keep their "per device" features, but that's just a theory. It worked for my Mom's phone. 

    Good grief. This is a very disheartening development after SO many people were finally happy with a change made to the game.

    "Hey peasants, you can have your untimed boosters back! But you'll have to work your butts off to get them! Good luck with that!!
    Mwaah aah aah aah aaahhhh
    It's GOOD to be the King"
    i think its time for me to read the books i had piled up to read at the beginning of this because King cooperation has helped me deal with the addiction of the CCS game that had made me fail to read them! 
    an applause for king!
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  • lorieb4lorieb4 Posts: 29 Level 2
    But they didn’t have a problem eliminating a lot of paying ones?
  • lorieb4lorieb4 Posts: 29 Level 2
    I doubt anyone used the golden wheel.  You had to pay for it...it wasn’t free to use.
  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,611 Level 5
    lorieb4 said:
    But they didn’t have a problem eliminating a lot of paying ones?

    Maybe! We wouldn't know! There could be some heavily addicted players who would stay, pay and play. I don't think King would let this stand-off go on for 35 days if he is losing the battle. 
  • [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 11,816 Level 2
    It's over. I defend my right to defend the rights of everyone to play or play to play without being called fools or idiots.
    Unfortunately, one cannot talk reasonably to an unreasonable individual.
    Your dedication to keeping open this Reset the Board thread is really probably only prolonging the misery as it's clearly obvious that it's not going to be "UN-fixed" and will NEVER be responded to by anyone that CAN "unfix" it. 
    The CM that created it has been directed to stay away from it. The "Superstars" are following suit.
    This has become more of an avenue for attacking other players for innocently posting how they feel. Because I have strong personal feelings about that I have "foolishly" tried to intervene. I admit that and will again apologize for offending ANYONE. That's truly not how I roll.
    Good luck effecting change. I'll be very grateful if you accomplish it. 

    I'm done now. 
    Peace ✌😎

    I needed an “Applause” reaction for this comment! Or a “drop the mic” one even!

    Dear JethrinaBodina,

    farah khan bollywood GIF

  • mercerikmercerik Posts: 3,611 Level 5
    edited January 2020
    Must be a Persistent Tick tempting someone.
    Vilken dåre!

  • tigothetigertigothetiger Posts: 1 Newbie
    I’m on level 6140 and can’t tell you how many of these “fixes” are pushing me away from this game. If every level started with a guarantee of beating the level if played correctly, then this “fix” would make sense. But because not every level starts with a solution, this is a must, an absolute MUST. 

    And now you make the sugar drops only 5 per level? Way to give your best/loyal players the finger. 
  • DeryckDeryck Posts: 703 Level 4
    @ anyone who's visiting the most popular thread in forum history ✨ ✨ ✨

    The Community Manager has provided more info about the latest clusterfvck over at https://community.king.com/en/candy-crush-saga/discussion/255966/updates-to-sugar-drops/p21

    Stay informed.
  • Nadia_CNadia_C Posts: 7 Level 2
    Sending and receiving lives has been an issue for a while and sadly lessens the time we are able to play.
    Not being able to re-set the board is a pain and also causes less playtime. Other games you are able to bo back without losing a life.
    My last issue is , when I build up boosters and need to leave the game for a while , I loose boosters , why?
  • sydisidsydisid Posts: 20 Level 2
    Hello King...looks like the general consensus is to bring back the ability to end a game you haven't started playing without losing a 
    Life.  I'm joining them in vehemently asking you to restore this feature.  Too much tweaking leaves is wanting something more stable.  Think about it.
  • kvr1185kvr1185 Posts: 5 Level 2
    I have tried to play after the fix and it really is no fun anymore 
  • SandiLievestroSandiLievestro Posts: 4 Newbie
    At least when we were able to enter and exit without losing lives I had a chance of possibly beating levels in CC. Since I can no long do that I almost never beat a level and oftentimes am stuck on the same level for a couple of days unless I use boosters. So, I am about at the point of quitting the game. When it is more frustrating than fun to play there is no reason to continue playing the game. 
  • SandiLievestroSandiLievestro Posts: 4 Newbie
    As a player who is on the verge of giving up the game anyway because of the difficulty in beating even the levels that are not marked hard or worse, now King has once again made it even harder to beat the levels by taking away our ability to enter and exit without losing lives. At least there was a little chance of beating the level when I could look at it first. I'm sure all of our comments won't change anything, but it would be nice if King would add that feature back in before losing more players. 
  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    I am surprised at how easy the new levels are. You don't even need the reset feature to beat them in series. My guess is that they are under time pressure to produce three episodes every Wednesday, so they just don't have time to think about levels that retired a real strategy. It's just pure destruction.
  • Eddie_SparrowEddie_Sparrow Posts: 273 Level 3
    mercerik said:
    Must be a Persistent Tick tempting someone.
    Vilken dåre!

    That sums it up

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