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Claim your 5000 level badge here and try and match (or come close to) Bearwithme's score

bearwithme Posts: 16,156 Candy Moderator
edited May 2020 in Contests

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Hi everyone!! It’s time for the next level milestone contest. Have you passed level 5000 and beyond yet?!? Simply post a picture of your map like this below 👇🏻 to show you’ve reached level 5000.

And you will earn this Fantastic Candy Crush Saga only badge 👇🏻

As a bonus - we will be running a contest for the next month. The five players who get the closest to my score without going over will get 20 shiny gold bars in their game. If someone actually matches my score, they will get 30 Gold Bars. (If more than one person can do this - only the first person to post the matching score will get the 30 Gold bars)


1.     You can enter the contest more than once but only your last post will count.

2.     You must have replayed the level. Posting an old score won't count. In other words, if your screenshot says "Play" instead of "Retry" and "Next" it won't count towards the contest.

You have until 1400 CET 25 June to participate in this fun contest

Have fun & Good Luck! 😊👍🐨

Terms and Conditions here



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