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New feature - Mr Toffee's Fair!



  • queen_candy61whesterqueen_candy61whester Posts: 203 Level 3
    Why not??
    I love playing soda experts. Because playing Mr.Toffee fairs.
  • DingesDinges Posts: 20 Level 2
    I honestly do not understand why you can play only two tiles a day, 4 to 6 would make more sense.
    Off course I'm stuck again, with someone who blocks a tile, and a player who doesnt even play at all.
    I can only fix it by playing three more tiles (will take me two more days) with the risk of getting blocked again.
    This is so boring, it's too bad, with a small change this could be a fun game.
    I'm not going to make an effort to "unstuck" the game again, I played three tiles from a row, if we stay there forever we stay there forever.

  • Brian_TateBrian_Tate Posts: 66 Level 3
    I think king has fake bot profiles that block our tiles on purpose, it happens to me every time and the fake names are ridiculous.  The meager rewards and having to use boosters to earn booster just add insult to injury.
  • TheaPierrotTheaPierrot Posts: 24 Level 2
    I was excited to see the changes but I hope this is just the beginning. That people can "see" the row and column they should do is good. 

    Putting a timer on tiles should be easy. If not completed within 4 hours the tile is freed, or allow more than one player to work on the same tile. That would solve the blocking issue. 

    Playing every day I get a helpful other player around once a week or less. The rest either just sit on a tile, block me, choose a stupid row that would force me to use a booster, one way or another I have to complete a row by myself over two days. I can do four tiles the day I complete a board. 

    Improve the boosters won because it isn't worth it to play a booster to win a possibly weaker booster. 

    You keep stats. Put players together that consistently do two tiles a day, say 4 days out of 7 or better. Players that rarely or never complete two tiles should be relegated to playing with other players that do the same. 

    I really get a charge out of it when another player works with me and we complete a board fast. Then the prizes wouldn't need to be better. 
  • DitteDitte Posts: 237 Level 3
       So I think I've figured out where the false notifications  I mentioned  July 29th come from. I get a notification saying "your teammate has ticked a tile" a while after I've ticked a tile. Please fix that! 
  • susanm9090susanm9090 Posts: 90 Level 3
    So for me the new update, where you can see your teammate’s progress just adds another layer of annoyance to the game since I can see that my two Billy Blockers are doing just that.  Not achieving anything in their tiles and blocking me for two days.  Thanks King for the upgrade.
  • susanm9090susanm9090 Posts: 90 Level 3
    48 hours and still my two blocking teammates still haven’t started the tiles they are parked on and now I only have rows that require me to complete certain kinds of levels or complete multiple levels.   At best two more days to finish a row but could be three times that.
  • bullywoolybullywooly Posts: 73 Level 3

    been there, done it, got the T-shirt, like loads of us and kings try to kid us there not bots 😏😏
  • DingesDinges Posts: 20 Level 2
    edited August 2019
    I don't think the other players are fake, most of them just don't really care.
    And that's fine, you should be able to try a new game and then decide that you do not want to finish, without ruining the game for someone else.
    I can't even blame them for not coming back to clear the tile they've started, because how are they even supposed to know what happens when they leave?
    An why should they care about other people they do not even know, it's a game, not a job with responsibilities

    And I'm sure some people think it's fun to watch others bend over backwards to finish a board, and to get free boosters when they've only played one tile, and the others played six or more, to work arround them.

    I think it would help if there was a time limit, and it would also be fair and reasonable if you get more rewards if you finished more tiles.

    And it would be great if we would get more then 2 tiles a day, if you are forced to play a team game on your own (which is what happens a lot) you should have more possibilities. 
  • DingesDinges Posts: 20 Level 2
    edited August 2019
    I also think that playing with others should be fun and easy, and somehow that rarely happens in this game.
    Ironically enough you spend the most time playing with the people who hold you back, the fun players a gone in a flash, because they want to finish fast.
    The other day I miraculously finished three toffees in one day, it was great, but then the rest of the week I spend waiting for others most of the time.
  • TheaPierrotTheaPierrot Posts: 24 Level 2
    It would solve a lot of problems if we could drop a board and get our 2 tile count back like when we start a new game any other time. Even make it so that we have to have done two tiles to drop the board so people don't just flip until they get a "good one" or put a one hour timer on board switching. 
  • susanm9090susanm9090 Posts: 90 Level 3
    I agree, or even allow us to drop a board once in 24 hours so we don’t get stuck for days like I did.
  • DingesDinges Posts: 20 Level 2
    I went back in this discussion a bit and I found this, from Xarly on July 10: "The team is working on addressing your feedback and an optimisation is on the way (although it will take a bit of time) where players will not be able to lock tiles from others. It's been already approved and the work is being done as we speak. This optimisation will also imply that they will look at the kind of tasks, the rewards and the team making." 

    What happend with this?
    The changes from a few days ago definitely do not fix the blocking problem, as promised.
    Does that mean there are more changes coming?
    And do you know when this will happen?

  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    Dinges, changed have been promised going back to February and still nothing has been done.  These same complaints were brought up then and over 5 months later they still persist.  Don’t hold your breath waiting.  I don’t see why they can’t simply admit this “team” nonsense is a failure and revert the game back to the way it was with quests for everyone.
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