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New feature - Mr Toffee's Fair!



  • DitteDitte Posts: 237 Level 3
         48 hours is way to much. A few hours should be enough. Very annoying when overnight someone ticks one tile and then takes/parkes on the second/fourth tile I had planned taking the next day. Stupid on their part not to let me finish as they would get their reward sooner by letting me do it.
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 411 Level 4
    Some tiles can be done faster but the ones that require passing levels or certain types of levels can take longer especially if it is a hard level and may require more time. 
  • ISurvivedISurvived Posts: 50 Level 3
    48 hours is still too long. If I do two tiles a day, get a row in 26 hours or so, the parker gets prizes for parking. That is unfair. Although so is this game now.

    But maybe that's their strategy. 
  • LauraLMasonLauraLMason Posts: 411 Level 4
    Another reason this shouldn't be a team thing. Some of us don't have time to play all the time and need more time to complete certain tasks like the levels. I try to avoid those if I can! I usually dont select a tile until I have time to work it but sometimes it takes longer than planned to complete depending on my ability to easily get the required combinations from my current levels.
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3
    @LauraLMason exactly!  I think the board I have currently will time out in a day or so.  We have two lines that could be completed with one tile each and no one has made a move for days.  One tile requires the use of a booster, which I refuse to do as a matter of principle. The other one is completing a level I’m not on—and apparently neither is either of the teammates.  The changes that have been made seem to be mostly cosmetic rather than fixing the problems inherent with the feature.  
  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    I have to ask...

    Why do you players burdened by this Farce continue to interact with it?  It seems to me like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.
  • BricornBricorn Posts: 223 Level 3

    Without Quests or money, how else are we going to get boosters?
  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    edited August 2019
    I still have quests so I can understand your frustration.

    If I ever am put in the situation you guys are I will simply use up my supply of boosters and if I run out, would stop playing altogether.

    I would never willingly engage in the Farce.
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3
    @Dirty_Nurse. Good Question and one that I’ve asked myself.  The short answer is because it’s a way to get boosters—and every now and then you actually get lucky and get something useful.  
    The better answer is that I have reached the point that I will “work it” for 4 tiles or 2 days. After that, I’m done.  Maybe 10% of the time I will get a team that actually plays it like it was designed to be played and when that happens—dare I say it—it can be fun.  
    It appears that the prizes have improved a bit since it was first introduced and the boards have also improved a little.  
    Let me be clear though.  I still find it a poor replacement for the Quests and I honestly don’t understand why, after 6 months, it remains such a flawed feature.
  • Dirty_NurseDirty_Nurse Posts: 555 Level 5
    edited August 2019

    I have never been burdened by the Farce the past six months it has existed but if it elicits such frustration I would simply ignore it completely and save myself the aggravation.  

    This “team” BS from King in these single-player games makes no sense at all whatsoever.  If we want these “team” features to go away we need to participate in them as little as possible.  Some, like the SubPar Squad we have no choice in but for this Farce we can choose not to interact with it and hope that King realizes its failure and it gets removed.

    I also can’t fathom why @Xarly continues to spout out that the studio “cares” and “runs the extra mile” yet is seemingly more concerned with completely changing the first 30 ez levels of the game than addressing 97 pages of complaints from mostly long-time and day-one players like us.
  • loadofpop58loadofpop58 Posts: 14 Level 2
    On a more serious note in relation to  "soda" the game now no longer reacts when a level is completed.
    In order to play tthe next level I have to eload or log out and log back in.

    The Bullshit answer "there must be something wrong with your settings" does NOT apply, as my son plays one of the other trash king games and it works fine !!!!
  • DitteDitte Posts: 237 Level 3
       Those false notifications are really really annoying! I ticked 2 tiles 30 hours ago. I noticed that one of the other players took a tile in "my" row a couple of hours later, but seemed to park. And yes now more than 24 hours later the player hasn't made any of the 15 wraps. Despite that I've gotten two messages today, saying that my teammate has ticked a tile. NO! I did that yesterday, nothing has been done since then besides blocking. So now I can't complete the row. Why pick a tile, if you're not going to play at all?! At least don't give me false hope by sending messages saying tiles have been ticked many hours after they were ticked by myself! 
  • Brian_TateBrian_Tate Posts: 65 Level 3
    Stuck for 2 days now waiting on my "teammates" to so something blocking the tiles I need to win  At least let us do 4 tiles a day and throw ones that need boosters that is a scummy move. 
  • candysodacrushercandysodacrusher Posts: 235 Level 3
    @Dirty_Nurse. I totally agree with the theory behind not participating in the team events, but that is easier said than done if one wants any option for earning boosters.   As I see it there are three options at this point.  1.  Quit playing—which I’m not ready to do.  2.  Suck it up and play the team events. 3.  Participate just enough to earn a booster and vent my frustration in these discussions.  For now, I’m choosing the third option.  
  • BricornBricorn Posts: 223 Level 3
    I've got one "teammate" who picked a 130 red candies tile 3 days ago, got to 111, then disappeared.  This didn't happen with quests!
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