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Reduction In Size Issue, On My Icon!

Origins7_Dale Posts: 3,551 Pro Player 👑

*Tried an edit, lost the post again. So reposting. Can't seem to repost. Tried posting this at:

Screen layout issue - Soda Saga

But it won't let me post there, so doing it here.

Hi Group,

Sounds very familiar, to my "Reduction In Size Issue, On My Icon". The icon for reading things, like your popsicle hammer amounts, striped popsicle, the hand / switch, & so on, are just too small to read. Have to stand up, get close to screen to see it. At my age, it's very annoying to have to keep doing this, since I am a disabled army veteran. After many emails to support, they can't fix it, even tho it was their update about a year ago that caused it.

*See my post with screen shots below at:

No games after Candy Crush Soda #4555. — King Community

Most of Page 1, is about it / "Reduction In Size Issue, On My Icon".

Very reluctant, to do another reset/reinstall, since I lost over 200+ popsicle hammers, gold, levels, etc...

But if support, will give me back any loses on doing another reset/reinstall, to see if it will fix my issue, be willing to do it. I"ll just post screenshots of what I have in the game, before we do or attempt to reset/reinstall. Sounds fair, I think so. So @Sukanta_Biswas or any other King Community Superstar, please pass this on to them.

*Stats that may help:

I am on this: v1.164.200.0 Modified on 3/19/2020

I only use Win 10 Pro - PC, Desktop App, for now. Yes, current on all updates on it.

Win 10 Pro x64 - Version 1909 - OS Build 18363.752

Live in USA.

I await your replies.

Thx Origins7 Dale,


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