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( FINISHED) 🐰 Sodavenger Hunt! 🐣

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Hello to all you Sodalicious players!

Ready for some fun?

We have a fun Scavenger Hunt for you all to participate in and you just might need to put on your running shoes!

🐣 Olivia and Kimmy have hidden 4 colorfully decorated Easter Eggs and 3 Bunnies throughout our Sodalicious Community.

You’ll need to run around searching high and low to locate them.

🐣 How?

. 4 colorful eggs and 3 bunnies have been hiding in different threads
. Locate them and make a comment below with the titles of the seven threads where you 👀 spotted 👀 them
. Use the spoiler feature to post your answers. We do not want to spoil the fun for the others still on the hunt!

Be on the l👀 kout for these colorful eggs! 👇

And also on the l👀 kout for this adorable bunny! 👇

🐣 When?

From today 30th of March until April 14th (13 CEST) to participate.

🐣 Prizes

Five lucky players from among correct submissions will be selected at random and will receive 50 Gold Bars each for your Soda game thanks to our gracious Community Manager @LadyRaffie! 🤩

All participants that have reacted in the seven threads and that have correctly submitted the locations of those threads using the spoiler will (at the conclusion of the competition) receive this beautiful badge created by the talented @bearwithme! 👇

Good luck, tightly lace up those sneakers, and let the Scavenger Hunt begin!

Terms and Conditions here

Want to participate? Sign up HERE.

Happy Hunting!



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